Take Control over

    Your Sexual Health and Well-being

    Going from “Ouch” to “Oh yes”.

  • Problem

    75% of women experience pain at some point in their lives

    20% of women experience chronic pain with sexual activity.

    For many, it results in physical, psychological, emotional, and relationship problems.


    If it is you:

    IT IS NOT IN YOUR HEAD. And you are not alone.

    If you have pelvic floor dysfunction such as vaginismus,

    it is one of the most under-diagnosed, under-reported and MOST EASILY TREATED sexual condition.


    Yoni is a positive term for a vagina. The yoni.io team is here to help.

    Painful penetration


    Problems with Tampon Insertion

    Relationship Issues


    Depression & Emotional Isolation

  • How does it feel

    This beautiful animated video is a good introduction to anyone who wants to be an ally to women with pelvic pain.

    Tightly Wound

    Shelby Hadden and Sebastian Bisbal

  • Team

    We are a Harvard-incubated team with 16 years of combined experience in health-tech, medicine, gender studies, and social entrepreneurship.


    Most importantly, we share the love for Women's Health. And many of us experienced what does it mean to feel pain with sex.

    We're here to help.

    Marta Milkowska

    CEO & Co-Founder


    Harvard & Stanford University, MPA-MBA

    Previosly World Bank Innovation Lab

    Mobile Health, Fem-Tech,

    Behavior Science

    Connie Li



    Stanford University, Computer Science

    Microsoft, Intuit, PM

    Stanford Sexual Health Peer Resource Center


    Namrata Raju



    Harvard University, United Nations

    Economist & Researcher

    Gender and Behavior Science






    Our Bodies Our Selves



    Amy Stein,




    Beyond Basics Physical Therapy, Founder,

    Alliance for Pelvic Pain, Founder,

    International Pelvic Pain Society, Former President





    Harvard University, Professor,

    Previously: Athena Health, Co-Founder


    Medical Advisers

    Special Thanks to:

    Gautam Shrikhande, MD, FACS;

    Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine


    Rachel Gelman, DPT,

    Pelvic Health Rehabilitation Center
    Lisa Janson, Physical Therapist,
    Core Plus Physical Therapy

    Industry Advisers

    Special Thanks to:

    Rachel Hanebutt, Co-Founder & CEO, Confi


    Emily Sauer, Co-Founder & CEO, Ohnut,


    Tara Langdale - Schmidt, Co-Founder & CEO, VuVaTech

    Bryan Cush, Brian Dragich,
    Tidal Wave Marketing
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